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Sterling Education Consultants has been helping overseas students to study in the UK for years.

"British Council Certified" Team of expert and professional counsellor(s) provide the best guidance and non-commercial advice to students for studying Higher Education in the UK.

We always go the Extra Mile for you, we always advise and assist our students with course selection, admission into a UK institute and visa acquisition. We also assist you with your travel and accommodation arrangements making your transition smooth and hassle free. Studying in the UK is easier with us.

Sterling Education Consultants have been helping overseas students study in the UK for many years. With knowledge and access to a large selection of leading universities and vocational institutions across the UK, you are a step ahead in securing your opportunity.


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UK Education Overview

More than 400,000 International Students

from 200 nations choose to study in the United Kingdom for their Higher Education, joining over 2 million local students and a further 500,000 come to study an English language course and over 28,000 study at UK Independent Schools.

UK Degree Benefits

UK Universities and Colleges

provide world-class Higher Education and qualifications that are respected by employers and academics worldwide.

UK Degree Programmes

are internationally recognised and are underpinned by links with business and industry. A degree from a UK University is invaluable for a student's current or future career; it helps to progress to postgraduate level study and into their future professions.

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Young Indian student working

Tier 4 Student Visa

Students from outside the UK must apply for a student visa.

You can only apply for a student visa if you intend to study a full-time degree course in the UK. Student visas are not issued for part-time courses.

Find Out Your Eligibility

Your eligibility is calculated using a points-based rules system called a Tier 4 Student Visa. We will be able to assist you in assessing your eligibility, please click below to contact us.


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